[aprssig] Xastir or WinAPRS questions

M J mjandthegang at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 5 05:02:06 CST 2007

While working on a college project, I ran across APRS and have been watching the list for a while.  I was wondering about a couple of particular features and wondered if someone would be nice enough to help me to know if either Xastir or WinAPRS has them?

Three items I'm interested in:

I would like to double-click on the symbol for a weather station and have a dashboard popup, displaying the weather data graphically.

Same item for moving objects (but about the ability to see a dashboard of their GPS reported data).

As a followup to that from a recent thread, I understand that both encoded and raw NMEA data can exist on the APRS network.  Is raw NMEA decoded and treated like encoded data in these programs?

Would anyone be kind enough to tell me if Xastir and WinAPRS have the abilities that I'm looking for (as a receive-only station as I am not able to transmit on RF).

Thank you!

PS: Since I'm receive only, I'm wondering if maybe someone has developed a web-page that I could hit to provide the same information without having to load software on my computer?

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