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[aprssig] "Ancient" hardware (Was: Xastir on Solaris)

Philip Leonard WVØT leolists at seidkr.com
Fri Jan 5 20:12:51 UTC 2007

How about a Digital Group Z80 (circa 1976)
Or an IBM AS/400 model 500 (2 racks) - for the heavyweight category
Sun Enterprise 4500 (8-way)
Sun Ultra30
Sun Untra5


Scott Miller wrote:
> I can beat all of you for mass, at least - my VAX 6000-510's hard drives
> alone weigh more than all of those put together!  Speaking of which, if
> anyone out there wants a VAX, it's free for the taking - I need to free up
> some garage space.
> Aside from that, I've got an SGI Indigo 2, NeXTStation Turbo Color,
> AlphaStation 200, two SparcStation IPXs, two VAXStations, two MicroVAX IIs,
> a Sparc 10 clone, a stack of HDS ViewStation X terminals (which have
> actually been used for Xastir), a few C-64's, VIC-20s, and a C-128 (gave the
> PETs away, sadly), and more 486s and things than I can count, despite giving
> away a station wagon load recently.  One 486 is still in use burning UI-Digi
> ROMs.
> Scott
> N1VG

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