[aprssig] No maps

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Fri Jan 5 17:01:31 CST 2007

I've been running xastir 1.8.2 on a 2.2.26 kernel for some time and all 
was well.

I've just rebuilt my system with 2.6.18 kernel and although xastir 
(1.8.4) compiles and runs, I have no maps.

xastir was compiled with no support for festival or dbfawk. Everything 
else is there.

My maps are in the usual location and I've checked file/directory 
permissions, but even running xastir as root fails to load maps. The 
maps I used to use, and want to use again, are .jpg maps. My maps and 
their associated files (.geo) were copied from the old system.

I could send pages of information (probably mostly irrelevant) so it 
might be better if someone could tell me what information I should be 
looking for to sort this problem.

Ray vk2tv

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