[aprssig] Atten: All HF APRS Ops

James Smith k9apr at tawg.org
Sat Jan 6 15:10:55 CST 2007

Yes Clay,

And I was the luck subject that got the warning. And guess the 
distortion is still there and it isn't me. I my equipment wasn't off to 
begin with but I got nailed anyway. Oh well, I have spectrum analyzer 
monitoring the freq, and there is someone really wide banded on freq. I 
talked to Riley directly on the above subject and the enforcement. So, I 
guess I'm the poster child for HF APRS operations or at least I was anyway.

AA3JY at Winlink.org wrote:
> Please check your APRS Operations on 10.151mHz..the FCC is checking on out-of-band complaints due to possible distortion as indicated in their lastest FCC Warnings(see ARRL web site)
> Regards,
> Clay AA3JY
> (via WL2K)
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