[aprssig] I Apologize!

dick at kb7zva.com dick at kb7zva.com
Sun Jan 7 02:07:51 CST 2007

> After reading the many posts made by certain folks; after seeing the
> propaganda posted all over findU; and after enduring personal attacks for
> several years by certain sysops who have certain agendas in mind, it was
> agreed upon that it was no longer necessary for Tier 2 to maintain the
> four servers that were setup specifically for the purpose of handling the
> CWOP data.  All CWOP data can be sent to any server's port 14580.  The
> original intentions of the four CWOP servers were not able to come to
> fruition due to many factors that are not worth mentioning, and it was no
> longer enjoyable for any of us to endure the blasphemy heaped upon us.
> Feel free to use any server you feel is best to send your weather data to.
>   Nothing has changed other than the four dedicated weather servers were
> determined to be unnecessary, and therefore were shut down.

The Sea of Blue is no longer at Tier 2 <g>. Steve Dimse has adopted them
by instructing them to connect directly to the Main Core servers of the APRS-IS.

In the future, please forward complaints directly to Russ Chadwick and Steve
Dimse. All hams still can use port 14580 on the Tier 2 servers to send their
WX data, if the Main Core servers become too stressed. 

CWOP's are mostly 'not' Amateur Radio Operators. Their shear numbers and
growth have had a direct effect on the APRS-IS. They really need their own
non-APRS server approaching 5000 members. 

Tier 2 couldn't handle the impact and caused many failures and complaints from
the ham community. Phil and I both wish the CWOP's the best wherever they
end up. I apologize to everyone for being a key factor in the flooding of non-ham
data into the APRS-IS. It ended today at Tier 2. The wrath of BLUE will slowly 
re-appear if you let it according to the new plan. 


Dick, KB7ZVA
Tier 2 Network

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