[aprssig] OT: Any Smart Home "Geeks" still here?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jan 7 11:49:18 CST 2007

> I have moved to SC and am getting ready to buy some 54 acres 
> and build a house.... One of the 1st things planned ...
> is a WX station up on APRS and a 72ft TriEx tower...

Im not sure what the price for a WX station is these days, but
for only a little more, you might buy a wind generator that can
produce up to 400W for under $550 (the model AIR-X).  I need to
add a direction sensor to mine, and then I'll get wind speed and
direction and get a few pennies a day to boot.

This is certainly not for everyone, because most people do not
have sustained wind, but it is something to consider at a new
location.  Actually, in Maryland there is no justiifacion unless
one lives on a mountain ridge or on the edge of the Chesapeake
Bay.  There is no way I could justify it in pure economics
terms. Finally convinced the wife that most of the time we lose
power, there is no sun, but plenty of rain and wind.  When you
have no power, then how much is it worth?

No, mine is not up yet.  I have to install a 20' extension to my
100 foot tallest tree to get the wind (if any)...  But when I
do, ill have it on APRS as a home telemetry report.  Reporting
the 5 standard APRS telemetry items format.  Probably...

Value 1 = Battery volts (in tenths)
Value 2 = Wind charger current
Value 3 = Solar charger current 
Value 4 = Load Current
Value 5 = House temperature

Or something like that?

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