[aprssig] OT: Any Smart Home "Geeks" still here?

Ken Brown W2KB at comcast.net
Sun Jan 7 16:11:43 CST 2007


Try searching "smart home" on WWW.EPRI.COM  and WWW.DOE.GOV 

There should be some interesting info.

Also on my employer's site:  WWW.PSEG.COM

73, ---Ken W2KB

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Subject: [aprssig] OT: Any Smart Home "Geeks" still here?

It's off topic but I know several here are Smart Home "geeks".

I have moved to SC and am getting ready to buy some 54 acres and build a
house. Can anyone send me a private message to k4gps at arrl.net
and fill me in on the best forums for these topics ? When I google (as
usuall now)all I get back is links to people selling stuff, not forums
or mailing lists.

With 54 acres and a 3500sq ft home if I am going to be doing anything
"smart" I am going to have to design it into the build now before I start
and I am planning on starting in about 1 month. I was back on APRS for a
couple of months but my shack/office was lost to my Mom when she came up for
the holidays, now she is here for good I will not have a shack or office
till' the home is completed. One of the 1st things planned for the new home
is a WX station up on APRS and a 72ft TriEx tower.I may even do the HF Gate
if there is interest still on 30M APRS.

Rich K4GPS
Rock Hill SC
k4gps at arrl.net

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