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[aprssig] OT: Any Smart Home "Geeks" still here?

Brian B. Riley brianbr at mac.com
Mon Jan 8 13:33:24 UTC 2007


  for "Solar AMPS" and "Win AMPS" - is that instantaneous amperage or  
cumulative amp-hours, If the latter over what period of time?

On Jan 7, 2007, at 10:51 PM, Bob Bruninga wrote:

>>> ...>for only a little more [than a WX station], you
>>> might buy a wind generator that can produce up to
>>> 400W for under $550 (the model AIR-X).
>> Bob... Will you really be getting true wind speed from
>> the wind  generator?
> No, and you are entirely correct that it is not a substitute for a  
> WX station.  But I guess after I bought my first Peet Bros WX  
> station back in 1995 to add WX to APRS, and after the squirrels ate  
> through all the cables, I have not had that much interest in WX.   
> My wife has cats and they are pretty useless anyway,  So I use them  
> to tell the weather.
> THeir length is proportional to temperature.  If they are wet it is  
> raining.  I enjoy tossing them out the door to measure the snow  
> depth too.
> So my coments were only towards the gadget and experimental part of  
> the hobby which to me is satisfied by playing with alternative  
> energy where I can.  I do thank the surrounding APRS WX stations,  
> however, for letting my analyze the wind conditions in my area.  I  
> have driven by their houses to see where their annemometer is  
> located, and then use the FINDU info to get an idea of the general  
> wind in this area.
> Again, I do want to standardize where possible on an application of  
> the KPC-3+ telemetry to read home alternative energy production.   
> This way, FINDU can have a CGI so that we can instanly see the APRS  
> contribution to alternative energy.  Lets see...
> Ch1 - System volts
> Ch2 - Wind AMPS
> Ch3 - Solar Amps
> ch4 - user defined (maybe inddor temp)
> Ch5 - User defined (maybe outdoor temp)?
> This way, the first three could always be interpreted as  
> alternative energy power production. ?
> Bob, WB4APR
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