[aprssig] Is my PIC-E transmitting incorrect LAT tracking data

EXT-Maetta, John john.maetta at boeing.com
Mon Jan 8 11:35:09 CST 2007

Is my TAPR PIC-E is transmitting incorrect LAT data.  My location is
34.xxxxN, 120.xxxxW which is in grid CM94.
The PIC-E is transmitting the following LAT data: 3xxxxx.  Shouldn't it
be sending Sxxxxx for a LAT?  The APRS spec is a bit confusing but I
think I can manualy decode MIC-E APRS packets correctly.
The MIN and SEC data appears to be correct, it is just the LAT Deg data
that seems to be in question. Doesn't the 3xxxxx decode put me in the
southern hemisphere?
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