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I agree.. people expect too much from the Government.

Funny though..  we pay for weather data via taxes..  and now we are
going to have to buy it from a private concern, that the government
GAVE it to for free!

Regardless of what the government uses our income tax money for,
we still pay more than one-quarter of our income for it.

 >In the US we are so fortunate to have such a dedicated And selfless
 > agency working so hard - AND MANY OF THE SERVICES

No they're not !!!   It costs us 28-percent of our income.

That's the problem..  you all think it is FREE !

The problem is..  Americans have become sheep who want to be
lead around and told what to do.

Ignorance and apathy...  don't know and don't care.

BTW:  I wasn't whining...  the original poster was.

I wish you well.


Bill  KA8VIT

Ray McKnight wrote:
> I've heard that "record" before, and it's more
> Like a broken record.
> If CWOP data were a high enough priority, NWS would
> Dedicate manpower and equipment to retrieve it reliably.
> They do use it, but CWOP data only serves to either "fill in
> The blanks" or validate other higher priority data.  NWS *has*
> Tons of servers, I know because I buy surplus NOAA equipment
> Almost every week.  What they don't have are programmers and
> Other personnel sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting
> For something to do - they're stretched to the limit and struggle
> To meet the demands of their customers with the staff cuts and
> constantly dwindling budget crumbs.  CWOP, and other programs
> like EMWIN are VOLUNTEER programs, extra duty, added services
> NWS does for free, out of the goodness of their heart.  They have
> Nothing to do with budgets and taxes.
> Be glad for NOAA/NWS.  Their services are nothing short of
> AMAZING.  In the US we are so fortunate to have such a dedicated
> And selfless agency working so hard - AND MANY OF THE SERVICES
> Standard of weather forecasting in the world.  In contrast, many other
> Countries charge fees for the very same services we get for free.
> Or they don't bother with government services at all and let the
> Businessmen and women provide the services commercially at a premium
> Price. Ask the commercial fisherman on the east coast how much they 
> pay for an SST chart (sea surface temperature), or try and get an
> iceberg forecast in Europe before you sail west thru the Grand Banks.
> That 28% you talk about is a bunch of baloney.
> The personal income tax most of us pay ONLY serves to
> Barely keep pace with the INTEREST that accrues daily on
> Our enormous national debt.  Everything else the government
> Spends pretty much comes from corporate taxes.
> If you want to whine about the 28% and why the government
> Doesn't do more for us for "free", call or write your Congressman
> And tell them to get those pinheads in D.C. to end the perpetual
> War economy, shut down the CIA and stop waging war against the
> Third World in the name of national security, terrorism and
> Oil (the oil part they'll deny though).
> And while you're at it, you might ask why we pay the Federal Reserve
> Interest to borrow our own money... if you can even find out who
> The "Fed" really is...
> Before I crawl back in my hole, I'll put my money where my mouth is.
> If all that's needed is a server, I'LL DONATE a Compaq RAID server,
> 4GB mem, 7-disk RAID-5, dual NIC's, dual CPU's, the WORKS.  What I can't
> donate is bandwidth as all I have is dial up.  Most folks don't understand
> that residential broadband services are NOT suitable for this type of
> data as they're "upstream" pipes, not full bandwidth in both directions.
> And someone will need to either pick it up or pay for shipping - it's
> A true server, weighing in at around 75 pounds, (5 or 7-up rackmount?)
> Just because you can buy a fast PC at Wal-Mart makes it not a server.
> And it's even pre-loaded with 2000-server SP4.
> But I don't think the issue is really that all we need is another
> Computer.
> </rant off>
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> Just for the record...  we do support the NWS..   and many other
> "services" to the tune of 28-percent a year!
> Some of you have to understand...  *we* work on a budget too!
> 73
> Bill  KA8VIT
> KCøRNP Richard wrote:
>> As we all know NWS folks use CWOP "traffic" daily. 
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