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The problem with the data they produce is that it is funded by the taxpayers
dollars. This means the taxpayers own the copyright. So the data should be
free. The mapping data the US government produces is created in this way.
That is how we get free mapping like the TIGER lines. The American public
owns the copyright they should not be charged for the data if the project
was funded with public dollars. If it is corporate or individual tax dollars
makes no difference, the taxes were collected in the same way by our
government that we elected and that we as a country agreed to by our
constitution, the government is not a private entity and therefore can not
hold the rights to the data. Do not be fooled in to thinking that they can
sell the data to create revenue, the data and operations which create it
were funded with public dollars. Many may argue differently but think about
this in the most simple sense and it seems very clear. Taxpayer funded
equals taxpayer access for free, anything else is being taxed twice. If they
don't like this then they can make it a for fee based system completely of
which nobody will like because then the fees would be very high due to the
reality of the cost of doing business. For private business to think the
government should not release the data to the public without charging a fee
is just as absurd, why should they have exclusive rights to something they
did not pay for. A government by the people for the people last time I
read.... Off soapbox now, this thread is way off topic.........

Thank You,
Brian N2KGC

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  I agree.. people expect too much from the Government.

  Funny though..  we pay for weather data via taxes..  and now we are
  going to have to buy it from a private concern, that the government
  GAVE it to for free!

  Regardless of what the government uses our income tax money for,
  we still pay more than one-quarter of our income for it.

  >In the US we are so fortunate to have such a dedicated And selfless
  > agency working so hard - AND MANY OF THE SERVICES

  No they're not !!!   It costs us 28-percent of our income.

  That's the problem..  you all think it is FREE !

  The problem is..  Americans have become sheep who want to be
  lead around and told what to do.

  Ignorance and apathy...  don't know and don't care.

  BTW:  I wasn't whining...  the original poster was.

  I wish you well.


  Bill  KA8VIT

  Ray McKnight wrote:
I've heard that "record" before, and it's more
Like a broken record.

If CWOP data were a high enough priority, NWS would
Dedicate manpower and equipment to retrieve it reliably.
They do use it, but CWOP data only serves to either "fill in
The blanks" or validate other higher priority data.  NWS *has*
Tons of servers, I know because I buy surplus NOAA equipment
Almost every week.  What they don't have are programmers and
Other personnel sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting
For something to do - they're stretched to the limit and struggle
To meet the demands of their customers with the staff cuts and
constantly dwindling budget crumbs.  CWOP, and other programs
like EMWIN are VOLUNTEER programs, extra duty, added services
NWS does for free, out of the goodness of their heart.  They have
Nothing to do with budgets and taxes.

Be glad for NOAA/NWS.  Their services are nothing short of
AMAZING.  In the US we are so fortunate to have such a dedicated
And selfless agency working so hard - AND MANY OF THE SERVICES
Standard of weather forecasting in the world.  In contrast, many other
Countries charge fees for the very same services we get for free.
Or they don't bother with government services at all and let the
Businessmen and women provide the services commercially at a premium
Price. Ask the commercial fisherman on the east coast how much they
pay for an SST chart (sea surface temperature), or try and get an
iceberg forecast in Europe before you sail west thru the Grand Banks.

That 28% you talk about is a bunch of baloney.
The personal income tax most of us pay ONLY serves to
Barely keep pace with the INTEREST that accrues daily on
Our enormous national debt.  Everything else the government
Spends pretty much comes from corporate taxes.

If you want to whine about the 28% and why the government
Doesn't do more for us for "free", call or write your Congressman
And tell them to get those pinheads in D.C. to end the perpetual
War economy, shut down the CIA and stop waging war against the
Third World in the name of national security, terrorism and
Oil (the oil part they'll deny though).

And while you're at it, you might ask why we pay the Federal Reserve
Interest to borrow our own money... if you can even find out who
The "Fed" really is...

Before I crawl back in my hole, I'll put my money where my mouth is.
If all that's needed is a server, I'LL DONATE a Compaq RAID server,
4GB mem, 7-disk RAID-5, dual NIC's, dual CPU's, the WORKS.  What I can't
donate is bandwidth as all I have is dial up.  Most folks don't understand
that residential broadband services are NOT suitable for this type of
data as they're "upstream" pipes, not full bandwidth in both directions.
And someone will need to either pick it up or pay for shipping - it's
A true server, weighing in at around 75 pounds, (5 or 7-up rackmount?)
Just because you can buy a fast PC at Wal-Mart makes it not a server.
And it's even pre-loaded with 2000-server SP4.

But I don't think the issue is really that all we need is another

</rant off>

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Just for the record...  we do support the NWS..   and many other
"services" to the tune of 28-percent a year!

Some of you have to understand...  *we* work on a budget too!


Bill  KA8VIT

KCøRNP Richard wrote:
  As we all know NWS folks use CWOP "traffic" daily.

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