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Eagle Scout Icon - Was Re: [aprssig] APRS data for Scout Events

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Tue Jan 9 04:23:51 UTC 2007

ve7gdh at rac.ca wrote:
> /t    truck stop    there were three on the map. Most truckers drive the
>      same routes over and over and know where the truck stops are.
>      Even if they don't, they are commonly find right on the side of the
>      road.

There's one that shows up here in the L.A. about half the time.  

> \;    park/picnic - three worldwide
I've used it for operations and demonstrations in public places as an 
alternative to the camp/tent symbol.

> /F    tractor or farm vehicle - four. One was in a residential area. 
> Two had
>       a verified TCPIP connection. One had an unverified TCPIP 
> connection.
>       One was a UI-View user on RF and actually looked like it was near a
>       farm.
> \R    restaurants - four worldwide.

We use it here in L.A. as an object to mark the monthly meeting of a 
radio club that meets in the back room of an International House of 
Pancakes restaurant.  Usually it appears about 48 hours before the 
monthly meeting.
> On the contrary...
> /[    jogger - over 229 worldwide. Presumably all on foot, but I would be
>      willing to bet that not very many of them were actually jogging.

Agreed.  I use it anytime i am on foot with my TH-D7 and ForeTrex 201. 
> /p    dog - 27 users there (woof)
> /)    wheelchair or disabled - 11
> /e    equestrian (horse) - 13
> There were also four shuttles (/S) whizzing around, but I don't think
> they were the ones used by NASA. They are kinda like a helicopter I
> see driving up and down a nearby highway all of the time.

Not to mention that before Findu adopted my updated symbol sets, my 
mobile SSTV LiveCAM used to show up on findu as a thunderstorm moving 
down the Interstate instead of the TV symbol. 

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