[aprssig] dos on a winxp machine

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
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There's a command shell, but keep in mind that it's not DOS.  Windows hasn't
had DOS under the hood in a long time, and the NT/2000/XP operating systems
are vastly different inside, closer to something like VMS (to which it's at
least distantly related) than any single-user, real-mode OS.  They at least
make an attempt at DOS compatibility, but you have to remember that there
are many layers of abstraction between the DOS environment and the hardware
now.  DOS programs used to have direct access to pretty much everything in
the machine, but that's not possible in a modern OS.
That said, for all I know APRSdos might work just fine in XP.  If not, just
load yourself up a virtual PC with VMware.  You might need to download
FreeDOS to run on it if you don't have your DOS disks handy.  It took more
than a decade, but they finally made it to version 1.0.  Anyone know if it
works with APRSdos?



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Doesn't XP have a boot menu - hit F8 after the BIOS finishes its thing,

Winderz says it's loading?


>From there you select to boot to DOS prompt.

I believe you can have the boot menu shown automatically

Every time the machine boots, but that may require a registry key edit.


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How does on get into dos on a machine running xp.Not just the dos prompt
through programs.I wish to run dosaprs.Also i would like to change the home
map to mine.when i hit the home key.



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