[aprssig] dos on a winxp machine

Tad Burnett tburnett at vermontel.net
Mon Jan 8 23:21:15 CST 2007

Gates William BASIC still runs under XP.. Do .BAT files still run ???
You can create .BAT files with BASIC and then exe them from the primary
.BAT file... That saves you from ever having to drop back to DOS prompt
which will dump you back to XP...

That was a trick I learned on the PCjr running ramdisk and not wanting 
to goto
DOS because that was on very slow floppy on the jr....

I used it with W98 to do some of my old DOS stuff but I don't know if it 
works with XP... but I bet it does...

Bob wrote:

>Microsoft stopped DOS with Win 98. Bill Gates said DOS is dead... Guess
>he forgot ping, tracert, ipconfig....
>One way would be to partition the hard drive, install DOS on the
>partition. To boot into that drive, you can use a Win98 start up disk.
>Another way would be to use a removable hard drive frame. Put XP on one
>drive and DOS on another. Boot into the OS you need using the drive you
>Bob K8YS
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