[aprssig] dos on a winxp machine

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Tue Jan 9 03:16:34 CST 2007

You may have to "Fight" the system to get access to any ports, serial or
parallel in CMD mode, the information how to do that, is on MS's
KnowledgeBase site, but finding it is a pain.  (Network access though,
not a problem!)

Even when/if you can, you will find all the timings a bit screwey...

Win2k and XP's "Command Mode" is not like DOS at all, it just looks like

Interestingly, the original install of 2000 would allow you full access
to the com and lpt ports, but post SP4, that was blocked by default.
That caused our company a "Huge" problem, and I spent hours rewriting
many simple software device configuration tools to run "within" Windows.
Time well spent in the end, but...

AFIK XP never allowed it by default in any release.

Anyone else know more ???  Odd registry or machine hacks and the like


Dave G0WBX.

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How does on get into dos on a machine running xp.Not just the dos prompt
through programs.I wish to run dosaprs.Also i would like to change the
home map to mine.when i hit the home key.

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