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[aprssig] APRS Symbol Names

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jan 9 17:09:16 UTC 2007

> > /[    jogger - over 229 worldwide. Presumably all on foot, 
> > but I would be willing to bet that not very many of them 
> > were actually jogging.

I ask everyone to take the "naming convention" of the APRS
symbols with a grain of salt. Some of the names are a stretch
for two reasons. 

1) One was an attempt to try to describe what it looked like,
not what it was used for.
2) All symbols in the original APRSdos menu's were selected by
their first character.  Thus some wierrd names had to be
invented to avoid any conflicts.

So the "humanoid" figure is not just a jogger, but it let me use
"j" in the menu and refer to about what it looked like.  But the
interpretation would be that anyone who was on foot or ski's or
hiking boots, or snow shoes or was uwing an HT or other radio
not otherwise in a vehicle or structure, would likely use that

Hope that helps people understand some of the strange names
given to symbols.


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