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Bob, do your Academy buoys have drogues attached?
If not, the buoys drift will be primarily influenced by wind,
Not current.  The WOCE buoys we deployed had a 50m sock to
Catch the core of the Gulf Stream, Labrador or N Atlantic current.

Also, I'm curious what speeds you normally see from your buoys.
And if you derive direction from the position reports or is
It reported from GPS, as most GPS can't calculate heading under
2kts of speed.  The Magellan 3-D GPS's we fitted on our icebreakers
could, but required a 4-antenna array in a T configuration, separated
by about 2 ft ea.  Those GPS's set us back about $20K ea.

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> 3) While the APRS format normally only includes lat/lon sorts
> things, there would be no problem  adding some more data. 

Our Naval Academy Buoy Designs use the standard APRS 5 channel
telemetry format of the MIM, Mic-E and KPC-3+ designs.  We use
these 5 channels as follows:

Ch1 Battery volts
Ch2 Water Temp
Ch3 Water Temp
Ch4 Luminosity
Ch4 Water conductivity (Salinity)

In addition, you get automatically from the GPS posit, the
LAT/LONG, direction and speed.

And the decoding and display of all that data is automatic in
FINDU.COM no matter where your buoy is.
See our Buoy Page: http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/buoy.html

See how easy it is to display your data LIVE From FINDU.COM:

That data happens to be ANDE satellite data, but its because our
buoy is temproarily out of the water and so after 10 days,
FINDU.COM is no longer showing the Buoy data.

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