[aprssig] Garmin Astro

Mark Fellhauer sparkfel at qwest.net
Wed Jan 10 13:47:28 CST 2007

I haven't been looking at GPS hardware lately, but saw something cool on 
CNN that Garmin is displaying at CES  - my boss went and didn't take me...  :(

The Garmin Astro.


It's a (dog) tracking collar and RINO like receiver.   I don't see why it 
couldn't be used for other purposes.  Your kid might look funny with the 
collar on, though.

I really wonder about it's utility in hunting.  I've done a fair share of 
bird hunting (even with Top Gun guys out of Howard, SD) and we've never 
really lost a dog.   A good reactive "beep" collar seems to me to be more 
useful, especially with a group of hunters.

And I think in some states this may actually be considered illegal - the 
use of radios to facilitate hunting.    I personally consider it unethical 
and unsportsmanlike.  Fair Chase.   Then again I prefer to bird hunt with a 
.20 gauge over-under, rather than some tricked out semi-auto cannon.



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