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[aprssig] I Apologize!

Phillip B. Pacier ad6nh at arrl.net
Thu Jan 11 03:00:31 UTC 2007

Steve Dimse wrote:
> On Jan 9, 2007, at 8:25 PM, Phillip B. Pacier wrote:
>> Well, that was the plan four or however many years ago when Dick and 
>> I opened up the first two connection points, and then later added the 
>> other two.  After working with Pete's database program, I offered the 
>> CWOP guys the opportunity to grab their data from the closest source 
>> point possible - the input server itself.  For many reasons, it was 
>> not accepted, and that is fine.  But, that is the explanation.
> Will the lies never end?
> When Dick's server began accepting weather data from CWOP, both findU 
> servers connected to his server to provide the greatest possible 
> reliability. A few months ago, apparently as part of their decision to 
> prohibit full feeds, the link stopped providing data. At that point I 
> removed it from findU's connect list, but the reason was because the 
> data was no longer being allowed to flow to findU by the Tier two sysop.
> Steve K4HG
OK I'll bite.  First of all, read my post again.  I did not tell a 
single lie in it.  The plan we had was for MADIS data to be mined 
directly from the input servers, not utilizing findU at all.  That is 
the truth.  I did offer this opportunity to the CWOP guys.  That is the 
truth.  They turned me down.  That is the truth.  That is the 
explanation.  That is the truth.  Where are the lies in there?  I'm 
sorry, I just don't see them.

To correct the information, though, when the IP address of the findU 
server changed, the information was not provided to the Tier 2 sysop who 
was accepting connections from findU.  Therefore, it was impossible to 
have findU connect because it was the "wrong" IP address.  That is all 
that happened.  That sysop is no longer a part of Tier 2, and the other 
three servers were always available for connections as well.  That 
possibility was never offered, but we have never done anything at Tier 2 
to prevent data from reaching findU.

I hope that clears up some of the mire.

Phil - AD6NH
Tier 2 Coordinator

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