[aprssig] APRS data for Scout Events

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Thu Jan 11 14:36:10 CST 2007

Speaking of scoring.

I was playing around a while back for a car rally we did.

A guy here wrote a nice application using the connected state TNC.

I came up with the idea of using the connectionless mode TNC.

What I did was format a string with a unique pattern, which a head station
listens for and then puts scores into a MySQL table. (LINUX and a TNC and

The beauty of the system is the field just squaks the scores, and the HQ has
an auto refresh web page showing the scores etc. (APACHE and PHP)

All the HQ has to do is query the database or chase up other issues.

I still want to progress it to the point where the field can query the
database. (ie, can you please tell me what I sent you...)

Duplicates are fine by the way - the database takes the last heard as the
most recent, and duplicates get ignored.


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* I prepared a WEB page to show how to use the D7 and D700
* for data reporting of troop scores at a scout event.

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> Remember APRS is not just position reporting.  Here is how we
> plan on using APRS TH-D7 HTs at the winter camporee to send
> event data:
> Those of us with D7's can enter our station number, troops
> and scores as an APRS message addressed to the netcontrol at
> HQ using only the HT's keypad.  I will provide a Tm-D700
> mobile rig at the HQ staff tent where they are presently
> taking voice reports, and these messages will appear on the
> front panel for the HQ staff to transcribe into their system.
> If I entered STN14 as my MYCALL and then used a format
> something like:
> T995 47
> T887 56
> T4557 66
> Then that could mean from station #14, the reports for troops
> 995, 887 and 4557 are 47,56 and 66 respectively.
> The TM-D700 can capture and hold up to 16 of these until the
> HQ staff looks at them and deletes them to make room for the
> next round.  The beauty of this is that it offloads these
> reports from the voice channel and the HQ staff can take them
> at -their convenience-, not at the demands of the voice
> channel.   The voice channel is very busy, but the score data
> comes in bursts when the whistle blows for everyone to change
> stations.
> This backchannel transmission of scores from D7 users helps
> mitigate the peak backlog of all the voice reports.
> In years past, I had proposed a special ARPS program to take
> the data directly to a data base, but then never found time
> to do it, and not enough D7 users to make it worthwhile.  But
> this method above, and just using a D700 display at the data
> entry persons operating position means it is trivial to set
> up and operate and takes no special effort.
> There is no risk in this expreiment.  If it is not found
> advantageous for any reason, the HT holders can still make
> the normal voice report too.
> I just wish someone would implement my APRS-DTMF program, and
> then everyone with an HT could key in their data, not just
> those with D7's.
> see http://www.ew.usna.edu/~bruninga/aprstt.html
> Bob, WB4APR

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