[aprssig] 145 MHz QUAD dimensions

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Fri Jan 12 17:23:05 CST 2007

Andrew Rich wrote:

> Building a quad for ANDE and RAFT.
> Any good designs floating around amoungst members ?
> I am a little confused, this web site shows feed the loop at the top 
> gives you vertical polarisation ? This does not sound correct ?

The polarisation of a quad is determined by the polarisation at the feed 

If the elements immediately adjacent to the feed point are horizontal, 
so too will be the polarisation of the antenna. If they are vertical, 
polarisation will be vertical.

The same applies to a "corner" fed quad. If the elements adjacent to the 
feed point are predominantly one polarisation, that will be the 
polarisation of the antenna.

An antenna fed at the centre of the symbol is
 -- horizontal
 |   vertical
< or > vertical
^ or v  horizontal

Ray vk2tv

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