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[aprssig] GPS from Sprint data card

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Sun Jan 14 06:38:57 UTC 2007

needhame1 at plateautel.net wrote:
>         I have a Sprint data card that has GPS functions built-in.  
> Below is the output of the GPS section, and UI-View32 doesn't like 
> it.  Is there a way to get UI-View32 to use this data?
> $GPGGA,235947.0,5717.746771,N,05717.746771,E,0,32,99.9,1.0,M,,,,*39
> $GPGGA,235947.0,5717.746771,N,05717.746771,E,0,32,99.9,1.0,M,,,,*39
>         Thanks,
>         Earl

That looks like a perfectly normal GPS data string.  You're lucky it's 
not some wierd proprietary binary format!  You should be able to feed it 
into a serial port separate from the one your TNC is using, and then set 
UIview to use the port under "Setup, GPS Setup".   I.E you will require 
TWO serial ports (or USB-to-serial "dongles") on your PC -- one for the 
TNC and one for the GPS.  

Not sure which GPS "sentences" UI-View actually requires.  Can you 
enable $GPRMC and $GPGLL as well?  (These two sentences are required to 
get speed and altitude into an APRS posit.)


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