[aprssig] APRSDOS and Soundcards

Charles Bland BackForty at BlandRanch.net
Mon Jan 15 18:13:25 CST 2007

Is there a way to use APRSDOS in a DOS environment using the soundcard as the 

I currently have FLEXNET running on my DOS PC but it would appear that the 
FLEXNET package does not provide an interface the DOSAPRS will recognize.

For those that are bound to ask why I'm doing this, I have 5 DOS machines 
designed for mobile installation that have sound cards and GPS receivers. They 
will be excellent APRS computers. The best news for me would be to not have to 
add/buy more hardware (besides a radio) to make them operational in this mode.

Looking forward to comments.

Chuck Bland - NA6BR
Volcano, CA

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