[aprssig] GPS from Sprint data card

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Jan 16 08:45:18 CST 2007

And Verizon has a very limited definition of 'unlimited'.  We ran a
telemetry site on one of those cards and got a nastygram saying that our
service was being shut off because we were obviously engaged in illegal file
sharing - despite the fact that all of the traffic on the link was encrypted
and it connected only to our own VPN.  We weren't able to avoid having the
service shut off, and had to make two trips to the site (4 or 5 hours away)
to retrieve the card, reactivate it, and return it.


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> >Count your lucky stars though, I believe you get that service for 
> >free in the US, here in the UK we have to pay dearly for that.
>          No, it's $60 US a month for unlimited service and the card 
> had an initial price of $100.  Not free by any means.
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