[aprssig] RE: aprssig New Local Info Inititive

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jan 17 16:28:16 CST 2007

> Subject: Re: aprssig New Local Info Inititive
> I do like the idea BUT unless someone wants to take their 
> eyes off the road long enough to read the "distance" 
> information from another screen, I don't see it being 
> much help.
> My reason for that statement is the case where we have 
> "fixed" digi stations far north of us still insisting on 
> using Wide3-3 in thier path instead of something like 
> SSn-N.  

The PATH taken by a local voice repeater object must be a
different path (should be direct only!) than the path taken by
the digipeater's own position packets (they use the LTP Paths).
That is the beauty of the New-N paradigm, in that the
digipeaters use the different LTP paths for proportional pathing
of their own position beacons.  That way, the digipeatrs show up
locally frequently, and less frequently farther out.

The repeater's Btext that contains the voice repeater object
must only go out according to the UNPROTO path which should be
set to "direct" with no hops... (UNPROTO APN383 with no VIA's.
Here APN383 implies this packet is originated by a KPC-3 version
8.3 TNC).

> I can see stations at my house that are the better part of 
> 360 miles from me.  If I where mobile, I'd see that beacon 
> and think it's local, when in fact it's very far away.

Ah, but these voice-repeater objects should only be transmitted
direct.  Therefore they should not be seen outside of the
simplex range of the digipeater that is announcing them.  You
wouldn't see them that far away.

> I would hope that everyone would figure out that maybe a 
> seperate beacon text with a local path of SS2-1 might be a 
> better solution than WideN-n.

Yes, that is the design.  These Voice Repeater objects should
not be transmitted even with 1 hop.  That takes them farther
away than anyone can work that voice repeater.  These voice
repeater objects should not go via any hops.  Just direct only.

If you are seeing home stations out 360 miles, then they must
not be following the New-N paradigm recommendations, to keep
their path short to avoid this kind of DX nuisance.

> I'm not sure what the best answer is, but I do know that 
> adding repeater info to a regular beacon with a path of 
> WIDE3-3 is going to cause misconception of what is actually 
> local IMHO.

You are absolutely correct.  These objects should be DIRECT with
no hops at all as indicated on the web page:


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