[aprssig] Setting up a KPC-3+ with a Davis WX station

Stephen Brown Jr stephen.brown75 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 21:11:57 CST 2007

There is a local ham that is wanting to setup a Davis ProVantage II with a
KPC-3+ to send out WX data back to my QTH to hit my igate and make it's way
to the internet. We attempted this last weekend without success, much of it
due to my own ignorance with this type of setup. Prior to this I have never
put my hands on a KPC-3 or a WX station, certainly has been an enlightening
learning experience.

I understand a little more of what I have to do to get this properly setup,
however, I had still had some questions that I'm hoping someone here with
experience on this can answer.

First a summary of what we are doing:

Just passing WX data, this setup is located on a remote mountaintop with no
phone/internet/cell phone coverage. Radio is the only way we can get the WX
data we need out of there for our local Skywarn folks. Not such a bad thing

With that being said, there will be no digipeater functions enabled. I want
to broadcast the WX data every 10 minutes direct to my station at home
(hopefully we wont have to digipeat it to my house, I think I can hear him
direct, and he has a 4 element yagi pointed directly at me) After reading
about the LT buffers, I think the best way for me to do that is to set the
datalogger unit in the WX station to send data every 5 minutes, and fill two
buffers, sending each buffer every ten minutes (if anyone knows of a more
efficient way as far as timing goes, please, I'm all ears, I'm so new to

Some of my questions. How do I set a path instead of a generic alias? Is
this done through the unproto command? For example, if I just want to send
the data direct back to me, would my unproto be something like APRS via
N1VLV-10? Or if I wanted to digipeat, APRS via KS4NG-7(our local digi that
is closest to me), N1VLV-10?

Another thing, is there a way to set a WX symbol in the TNC itself, or am I
to assume this is passed on from the datalogger in the WX station in the
proper format to be xmitted?

Sorry so many questions and they may be vague.... but completely new to me
and I need some guidance from those of you that have experience in this

tnx and 73's
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