[aprssig] Setting up a KPC-3+ with a Davis WX station

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Fri Jan 19 01:09:50 CST 2007

stephen.brown75 at gmail.com wrote:
> Some of my questions. How do I set a path instead of a generic alias? 
> Is this done through the unproto command? For example, if I just want 
> to send the data direct back to me, would my unproto be something like 
> APRS via N1VLV-10? Or if I wanted to digipeat, APRS via KS4NG-7(our 
> local digi that is closest to me), N1VLV-10?

The callsigns after VIA are the stations you are asking to serve as 
digipeaters.  Normally, on APRS (by contrast with classic connected 
packet) this will be a generic alias callsign like WIDE2-2.     You just 
leave VIA blank if you want a direct path with no digipeaters getting 
involved.   You CAN place an explicit specific callsign in VIA (rather 
than the generic WIDE2-2)  if you want to limit digipeating to only one 
specific digipeater (and prevent other digipeaters within radio earshot 
from also relaying the data).

The station that is receiving this data (I presume N1VLV-10 is your 
receiving station) and gating it into the Internet is not acting as a 
digipeater in this role.  It is the final destination only.   It is 
pointless to ask your destination station to digipeat the data again on 
RF (which is what you are doing if you place your own callsign in the 
"VIA" path of the weather station).   [This assuming your station is 
even configured to act as a digipeater.]

Normally an igate station will pass anything and everything it hears on 
RF onward to the Internet, regardless of path.   [ Unless explicit 
filters have been set in the igate software  to block certain kinds of 
traffic, or if the RF user has placed "NOGATE" or "RFONLY" at the end of 
his VIA path. ]

> Another thing, is there a way to set a WX symbol in the TNC itself, or 
> am I to assume this is passed on from the datalogger in the WX station 
> in the proper format to be xmitted?

Assuming you have the beacon text set to show the lat/long (as you 
should) it's quite easy.  See my web page at:


for details on how this is done.


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