[aprssig] 315 is dead :(

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Fri Jan 19 03:16:49 CST 2007

My yellow eTrex did something like that last year.  Likewise, I thought
it had broken and was a bit P'd off, to say the least.

Eventualy, I checked with another RX (an old Magellan hand held) and the
sat's were still there OK, so I just left the eTrex out in the open for
an hour or so, and it sorted itself out, and now works just as well as
before.  (Made me happy, for onece!)

I never did get to the bottom of why that happened..  It had not moved
100's of miles since last use, though it was left for a month with no
batteries in :-)

Garmin say in the book that there are no battery backed items in there,
but in the words of the song..  "It makes me wonder..."

I now leave it with batteries in, it's a lot less hassle when I do want
it in a hurry, and they don't seem to run down if it's not used.

The old Magellan by comparison eats batteries over a couple of weeks,
even if switched off!  And then needs the same total refresh before it
behaves again, so I guess that definitely has battery backed memory..
The funny thing is, it always seems to remember that the nearest "big"
city, is London (UK)...  Hmmmmm....

The recently acquired GPS "Mice" (Thanks Heikki) must have flash ram in
them, or a lithium cell or something, as even a "cold" start, only takes
about 2 minutes, maximum..  A "Warm" start, is done and dusted in
seconds it seems.


Dave G0WBX.

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> The "Dems" probably turned it off to keep the Bush 
> Administration from spying on you again, Joe...
> Jim, KU0G
> Joe Della Barba wrote:
> > My Magellan 315, which has worked perfectly until tonight, 
> refuses to 
> > acquire any satellites.
> > Is there some GPS jamming going on here in the Annapolis 
> area or did 
> > the thing just die on me?
> > 73
> > Joe N3HGB
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