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[aprssig] Setting up a KPC-3+ with a Davis WX station

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jan 19 13:35:33 UTC 2007

> ... to setup a Davis ProVantage II with a KPC-3+ to send 
> out WX data back to my QTH to hit my igate...
> ... this setup is located on a remote mountaintop...
> ... I want to broadcast the WX data every 10 minutes 
> direct to my station at home ...
> there will be no digipeater functions ...

I assume no digi is "needed" otherwise this is a real
opportunity....  A KPC3+ makes an excelent digipeater.  Even if
there are other digipeaters nearby, then you have a great
opportunity to make this an alt-input digi for hearing weak
signal or handheld APRS trackers.  Just set up the TNC as a full
function APRS digi, put RX on 144.99 and TX on 144.39.   This
will offer an alternate, uncongested input for local low power
APRS stations.  Don't waste such a good site...

Please check out the remote SYSOP capabilityies of the KPC-3+
and also its ability to send APRS telemety for monitoring such
things as the battery voltage and charge current, temperature,
etc of your remote system.  Also you can change parameters
remotely.  Also you can have up to 3 remote controolled on/off
switches you can also control remotely with the KPC3.

One problem with these remote WX stations, is that their on-air
format is not "standard" APRS WX format and they are not
therefore decoded by mobiles.  SO your approach of just linking
it back to your station direct makes sense and then your base
station can then do the formatting to APRS and sending it to the
network.  APRSdos had a mode that would do this.  IT would take
raw WX data off the air, and then re-format it to standard
format, and then re-send it so that it showed properly on the
front panel of the D7 and D700 radios.

Maybe other programs do this too, etc...

Bob, WB4aPR

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