[aprssig] Periodic Disconnects from APRS-IS

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Fri Jan 19 09:40:15 CST 2007

Hi Richard,

It is not completely straightforward because the queue information is
only available from the server they are connected to while they are
connected.  That said, most of the issues are with full feeds from
servers which are primarily available from the core servers (most
non-core servers wisely do not offer full feeds to reduce their
bandwidth requirements).  Using your browser, you can go to each of the
core server status pages by accessing their port 14501

I will ask that people do this only to find out what ports are available
and to attempt to diagnose a specific problem like Richard has outlined.
javAPRSSrvr is not a web server and the status page should never be
linked to in other web sites nor should it be hammered by people who are
want to continuously monitor server connections.  The status page was
originally incorporated in aprsD as a diagnostic display for sysops and
I encourage people to continue to view it as such (with the addition of
determining what ports are available on a particular server).  Thanks to
everyone for their consideration in this.

As a long time user of APRS+SA, I will state that, except on the fastest
of machines, it cannot keep up with the full APRS-IS stream.  This is
not to cast aspersions on APRS+SA; I like it and use it as my main
station and have for years.  Brent was an early adopter of being able to
define server filters in the server definition file and I highly
encourage APRS+SA users to update their server file to reflect this


Pete Loveall AE5PL
pete at ae5pl.net

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> From: Richard Montgomery
> Posted At: Friday, January 19, 2007 9:26 AM
> Subject: Re: [aprssig] Periodic Disconnects from APRS-IS
> Pete,
> Can anyone get this queue information? I see a few stations near me
> that
> are constantly going "Igate Closed" and then transmitting
> "<IGATE,MSG_CNT=33,LOC_CNT=10" so I guess they are reconnecting
> immediately up disconnect. This occurs every 5 minutes or so on some
> stations. Would be good to send them a quick msg to let them know how
> to
> fix it.
> Richard

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