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[aprssig] Free UIDIGI ROMs

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sat Jan 20 02:29:10 UTC 2007

Just a reminder, I'm still offering free UIDIGI EPROMs - just send me your
configuration (a prepared .bin is best) and I'll mail you a programmed
EPROM.  Put that old TNC2 clone to use as a modern digipeater!  If you need
any help getting the configuration right for the new paradigm, Chris
Kantarjiev (cak at dimebank.com) can help you out.

I've got a new EPROM burner, so I can get these things burned with a lot
less hassle now - no more copying files to floppy and burning them from the
DOS machine!  Shipping is free, too - first class mail for the US, and
airmail for the rest of the world.

Note that the chips I'm using are one-time programmable - they have no erase
window and can't be reused.  Keeps 'em cheap and prevents anyone from
abusing the program.  If you screw up the config and need another one, just
send me a new file and I'll burn another chip.

UIDIGI information can be found at http://www.ir3ip.net/iw3fqg/uidigi-e.htm.



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