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Sun Jan 21 05:23:14 CST 2007

Hi i want to say that as a ham i have never been so heart in my life all i
wanted to share to the world amateur radio community that what we are doing
with the kenwood aprs radios using various aprs software,sorry for the upper
case email ,if this mean shouting very sorry but we in Trinidad/Tobago is
using the radio to do aprs,text message,chat radio to radio and also the
message board in the radio.

yes my friend we have found new way to do more than aprs with the radio
while doing aprs in the terminal mode i am seeing all station coming, at the
same time my Friend is in my tm-d700a message board putting in a message in
my 700a mail box ,when the message go into the tm-d700a box on the console
of the radio the mail sign come up blinking letting you know that you have a
mail,even with the th-d7 you can access the tm-d700a mail box as  well these
radios have more operation as well than just doing aprs .

you can connect to the radio via the mail box,,all mail carry ssid -1,my
mail box is 9z4fz-1,the console will be 9z4fz-6 that is the face of the
radio then the chat mode like how you do chat on msn hi hi ,the main thing
is that the tnc need to be set up proper some have to be put on as well some
tnc function have to be taken off.

since i started on aprs i was told never interfere with the tnc only the
uiflood and uitrace to change if digi or not that is all i just wanted to
share to the world far as i see it the world hams is under utilizeing the
kenwood radios when they have much more to offer ,from this i will be slient
what we are doing from now on i keep it for the hams in the island who love
the new way to do it.

the radios manuals say what the radios have but it seems like we was not
trying the stuff what the manual say just aprs,their is more to aprs with
these radios fellow Hams again sorry for my first email if shouting now i
will be silent no more radio group forum for me i watch now.

as hams when we see a ham going wrong we show them the way the right way we
do not put them down this is the way we work i hope the world will change
and make amateur radio a nice hobby with public service

On 1/20/07, kb2scs at optonline.net <kb2scs at optonline.net> wrote:
> Hi All
>          Isn't anyone the least bit curios as to what these Hams in
> the Islands have come up with.
> Possibly some new way of using a D700 that we all have never thought
> of.
> I for one am.
> Let us hope we never witness the "Silence Of The Hams"
> 73 DE John  KB2SCS
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