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Yes you are correct ,it could have been some one wanted to talk to you in
tnc mode ,chat,packet or tnc console mode the radio 700a have the console
call sign but you need to input also the tnc call ,yes the tnc mail call
page 46 MYMCALL that is the tnc call my tnc mail call is 9z4fz-1,the console
is 9z4fz-6 the radio carry 2 call ok .

once some one is connected to you it show up on the radio screen CON,when
you get a mail on the screen blink mail you have a mail,when you see MBOD on
your scree some one is in your mail box leaving you a mail.great so this is
what it it about ,the main thing is the correct tnc set up after you can
send email with the radio from radio to Internet plus also text message to
your phone hi hi .

73s take care good luck putting all those underutilized tm-d700a,th-d7 and
ts 2000 to good work,their is more to aprs ans satellite with these radio
and further more you can go up on the 1.2 ghz band which receive only images
of pictures via satellite so much more we can do

On 1/21/07, Patrick Green <pagreen at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've actually might have experienced this awhile back when I went to
> Michigan.  I was checking to see what APRS was in the area and someone
> connected to me.  I knew this because the "CON" came on in the TNC display.
> There were packet exchanges of some sort and they weren't posits.  I never
> looked into it further because using connection oriented traffic is taboo in
> APRS and figured that it was connecting to nothing anyway.  Makes me want to
> take another look.
> 73 de Pat --- KA9SCF.
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