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julien mervyn dedier julien9z4fz at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 10:55:04 UTC 2007

Hi Ian of course i will be sharing the information so that hams that are in
a area if their is more than 2 can enjoy the radios ,i want to do this base
on software use with a pc also tnc commands set all this information is
being prepare to be sent out to the world.

On 1/22/07, Ian Millett <n3cva at verizon.net> wrote:
> Hi Julien,
> It is great to read what hams around the world are doing with APRS. Most
> of
> us don't read the manuals for our radios or TNCs. Some of us are
> intimidated
> by their hundreds of commands.  A few of us depend on what we read here to
> configure and troubleshoot our APRS stations. Our radios are indeed
> underutilized and we waste more than just bandwidth. You have something to
> contribute, so please share your info. Let us know how you are using APRS
> and what you discovered about the D7 and radio to radio messaging.
> We value your input from the Islands, not just your DX QSLs.
> 73,
> Ian N3CVA
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