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[aprssig] console menu and tnc menu tm-d700a

julien mervyn dedier julien9z4fz at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 21:33:50 UTC 2007

Thanks for the many individual email i have receive about the kenwood radios
please read your manual this is very important ,there is no need to get lost
and if lost with us all we will help all ,the kenwood TM-D700A got 2 set of
menu you have the console menu and the tnc menu they are totally different
set of menu for 2 different operation in in the tm-d700a radio .

Time and time again you see post on various forum why kenwood have 2 of the
same menu well hams they are for the operation of the radio,my friends have
ask me if kenwood really knew what radio they have made  and my honest
answer is the the manual could be in details more.

This is just not a ordinary radio it is the best dual bander money can buy
the radio have lots to offer,so do not be lost remember 2 separate menu tnc
menu and console menu 2 different operation the console need a call sign the
tnc nedd a call sign once you read the manual you can figure it out the only
thing should any problem is the tnc set up which all will get help with


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