[aprssig] New Local Info Initiative

Cap Pennell cap at cruzio.com
Mon Jan 22 23:55:00 CST 2007

See below.

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> > Though, I have not fully digested how one would do this in a non
> > KPC-3+ TNC...  I'd like to see someone suggest how best to do it
> > on a UIDIGI ROM?
> Since proportional beaconing/pathing  cannot be accomplished on
> the UIDIGI
> with the BeaconOffset not working properly, you only have 3 BeaconText
> settings that can be utilized inclusively of themselves to be
> proportional.
> Right now we have Beacon1Text set to fire at Beacon1Interval of
> 10 minutes
> using a local path or no path. Then we have Beacon2Text set to fire at
> Beacon2Interval of 29 minutes using a one hop path so it does not get
> bunched with Beacon1Text.
> Now it seems to me that I would want to use Beacon3Text for the
> local info
> initiative rather than spamming my neighbors 2 hops away at a 59
> minute rate
> to avoid colliding with the 10 and 29 minute interval of the previous 2
> beacons. Actually, it only makes sense to end Beacon3Text and use it for
> something more practical and useful for the local area rather
> than spamming
> the neighbors every hour.
> However, you are not going to get UIDIGI to fill the time slot so it will
> need to be hard coded with something like 000000 as shown below:
> Beacon3Text = ;146.940- *000000zDDMM.hhN/DDDMM.hhWrPHG7660-600 PL100 Net
> Thur 730PM
> Beacon3Path =     <== nothing required for local path unless you
> want LOCAL
> to appear in the path
> Beacon3Interval = 600

Yes, and to setup those 3 Beacons by REMOTE access (while the TNC is still
up on the mountaintop), or local access, the sysop's command syntax could

BT 1 !3424.30NS08648.02W#PHG5670/W3,ALn Wilson Mtn A=001360
BDL 1        ;NONE
BE 1 600     ;10 minutes

BT 2 !3424.30NS08648.02W#PHG5670/W3,ALn Wilson Mtn A=001360
BE 2 1740    ;29 minutes

BT 3 ;146.760- *111111zDDMM.hhN/DDDMM.hhWrPHG7660-600 PL100 Net Thur730PM
BDL 3        ;NONE
BE 3 600     ;10 minutes

(Sysop command syntax abbreviations as shown in the UIDIGIE.DOC file that
comes within the UIDIGI software's .zip file)
73, Cap

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