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How can I obtain this manual?  Thanks.


Eric J. Goforth, N6GOF

www.APRSDEPOT.com <http://www.aprsdepot.com/> 





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Greeting to the Amateur radio community ,by now many of you have been
reading to see how we can fully utilize our kenwood aprs radio beyond just
aprs by reading the kenwood specialize communication manual.


It is very important that you read this manual to follow me all the way to
understand me what i will be doing for all those ham who want to go beyond
the point of aprs and doing what the radio was intended to do.


please focus on page 1,2,3, look at page 3 and see the tnc set up and
information when you are using the tnc mail box this is vital information.so
please read these information and also all the books on the radio before
touching your tnc ,we have the experience your tnc could be dead or the
complete radio if your screw it up . 


I am here to guide and walk all through this process,i will explain all the
software experience and radio reaction to operation of the data
communication aspect ,since this project have started we had lost 3 tm-d700a
radios,following the manual tnc set up but ,we have also found out there is
several models of this radio . 


in the tnc you have menus that are not listed in the manual that need to be
activated base on certain operation,in the hand of the kenwood radio the
models are TH-D7A,TH-D7A(G),TH-D7AE,AND TH-D7AG you will need to know which
model you have also you have the TM-D700A AND TM-D700E what firmware you
have and tnc menu setting. 


In previous email i mention the software i use ,i miss out one  LINK 700,yes
i use link 700 to do aprs ,packet,console chat,tnc message mail box
operation ,i really do not need a map with link 700 i see all the APRS in it
entirety  and i work aprs station with link 700 just as if is
UI-VIEW,WINAPRS,AGWTRACKER,APRS+SA ,with link 700 you have a greater
appreciation for the kenwood radios TM-D700A etc. 


00.00 Z 8 PM LOCAL TIME i will be on my club echo link repeater 9Y4TTL NODE
# 280791

i will be doing some work on my the tm-d700a and link 700 ,ui-view,aprs+sa,
feel free to come up on echo link and call 9Z4FZ ,i wiil be willing to talk
to any  one if they have problem following me from the computer via email. 


My kenwood lab including the following  [3] TM-D700A,[3] TH-D7 AND [3] TS
2000 ,also i would like to pay HOMAGE to WB4APR BOB for having me reach so
far in my work of fully utilizing the radios beyond aprs .


Bob was right when he spoke of the tnc menu UITRACE AND UIFLOOD the default
is wrong  and why kenwood did this only god knows Bob your work have
inspired me to go deep into the radios by kenwood and looking for other ways
on how to use as well the hidden actives about the radios . 


APRS PROJECT TEAM keep up the good work and you have us here in the island
appreciating the work that you are doing thus shining your light for us to
help other hams as well.. 





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