[aprssig] AvMap G4T APRS GPS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jan 23 14:59:51 CST 2007

The AvMap G4T GPS for APRS:

For what it's worth, I finally got around to hooking up an AvMap
G4T GPS to my D700 and wow, it is impressive.  But then I havent
bought a GPS in 8 years...  

What I really like is that it came with instructions for setting
up APRS and that its interface was designed with APRS and the
D7/D700's in mind.  Just set the GPS to APRS interface and plug
into the Kenwood and you will see other APRS stations and mobile
ICONS on its map.  But unlike other GPS's that do this, the G4T
uses two different ICONS, one for fixed and the other for moving
stations.  Makes it real easy to see the mobiles.

Also, I didn't know that the big display is really a TV screen
with either NTSC or PAL audio/visual inputs.  Thus it can be
hooked up to a "backup camera" or a 2.4 GHz wireless camera
receiver or a VCR or DVD player for that matter.  Lots of
potential here.  

Hook the display up to your Kenwood SSTV converter and you get a
much larger display and can send camera images over the radio to
others.  See the original AVRS concept: 

Now I see why Kenwood has been advertising it as a companion to
the D7 and D700 on QST.  Great combo!


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