[aprssig] Local Repeater Displays on Mobiles

Ron ve1aic at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 23 18:58:33 CST 2007

Hi Bob, I suspect many people (like me) were sending
the repeater objects from their client station. In
UI-View the REPEATER object is /m, whereas the ANTENNA
is /r so thats why so many are using /m.

So now I've moved my repeater object to the UIDIGI
node beacon text but there is a problem.
On my D7 it won't decode properly with that format.
If I put this beacon text:

;146.670- *111111z4612.74N/06320.46WrPHG8560 IRLP 2030

This shows up as a fixed station with the senders
(nodes) callsign instead of the object name (146.670-)

If I put the PHGxxxx later in the string it shows up
properly (Object name etc) but the PHG doesn't decode.

;146.670- *111111z4612.74N/06320.46WrVE1CRA PHG8560

Perhaps it works fine on the D700 but not on my

A second problem I see with having the object name as
the repeater frequency instead of its callsign is the
duplication problem where popular repeater frequencies
will overwrite each other.
As would happen when another repeater object somewhere
in the world also happens to be on 146.670-.

73, Ron

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>> If you would take a look at W0GQ-R.  Did I do it
> ;W0GQ-R *192245z4158.56N/09140.24Wr146.745- PL open
> Well, actually no.  But thanks for asking..  I see a
> improvements that can be made.
> 1) Only the call shows on the map/D700 and not the
> 2) It does not include the PHG data for displaying
its range
> 3) It did not use the 111111z standard to make it
> So here is how I recommend it:
> ;146.745- *111111z4158.56N/09140.24WrPHGxxxx PL is
open W0GQ-R
> That fixes all the problems and by adding the word
"is", then it
> fits nicely on the display of a D7 or D700 mobile. 
You fill in
> the values for the xxxx PHG digits.  If you don't
know, just
> tell me the estimated Height above average terrain
in the area,
> the estimated power, any favored direction, and the
> antenna gain and Ill send you back the right values.
> Doing it the way I recommended, it will show on a D7
> display as:
> +------------+
> | 146.745-   |
> | PL is OPEN |
> |  W0GQ-R    |
> +------------+
> And the PHG data would show as:
> +-------------+
> | 146.745-    |
> | pw 9W h0040'|
> | ant6dB omni |
> +-------------+
> If it was running 9 watts at 40 feet with a 6 dB
omni antenna.
> Most APRS clients would then plot a range circle
around that
> repeater to show it's useable range if requested.
> Thanks
> Bob, Wb4APR
>> Thanks,

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