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[aprssig] AvMap G4T APRS GPS

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Jan 24 01:03:17 UTC 2007

> ICONS on its map.  But unlike other GPS's that do this, the G4T
> uses two different ICONS, one for fixed and the other for moving
> stations.  Makes it real easy to see the mobiles.

At the moment, a T2 with a Garmin GPS will display about 50 distinct
symbols.  Maybe 15 or 20 for a Magellan.  I'm thinking of (optionally)
devoting 8 custom symbols to wind direction indicators - that way you could
check wind directions from multiple stations at a glance.  Might be nice for
hang glider/paraglider landing approaches and hazmat response with portable
wind monitors.

I've badgered AvMap about adding more hooks for APRS use, and while their US
rep is very responsive their Italian programming team seems to be less so.
I don't think they've even published their proprietary interface spec
(Kenwood uses plain old NMEA), though I hear it's been reverse engineered.
So for now I'm still focusing on Garmins, since they've got the richest and
most well-documented interface, despite their shortcomings (like the
inability to delete an individual waypoint).  I really wish we could get a
GPS vendor willing to open up to the ham community, but I don't have any
faith that it's going to happen.


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