[aprssig] tm-d700a /th-d7 tnc set up let us make use of the mail box

julien mervyn dedier julien9z4fz at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 08:10:18 CST 2007

Thanks for the individual mail and very honest comment by all you hams that
have now awaken to  realize that while doing aprs you can do so much more
with these radios,glad to see the email julien my tnc was not working now i
can see data flowing from the hyper terminal on windows.

When a ham can admit that he now see his tnc working for the first time
since he bought his radio this is good new when i now watch the raw aprs
data i am seeing the changes here on the island the date and time stamp on
some aprs packet  this is good fellows julien is not here to fool you or
play with your head the information is in your specialized manual  read it
that is great  and make the changes your self.

WES you are  on it this radio bring back memory ,great Bob WB4APR give the
world the APRS magic ,KENWOOD APRS RADIO give us hams the tools this is a
marriage to do aprs packet and packet data communication at the same time
so now we know or we fore get to read the manual properly ,the past is now
the past so go to the set up stage in my next email we focus on the tnc and
700a /d7 mail box relationship  how it works and how to work it.

some tnc menu are not listed in the or in fact the tnc commands list page 41
to 48 some are not listed one or two that are not listed we will put them on
which is vital to the mail  box operation greeting and welcome note in
accessing the the tm-d700a mail box ,i will explain how for the th-d7 to get
mail as well because of the limitation of it mail box this is  a good point
to note the guys with the d7 will be happy as well knowing how to get a mail
in the thn mail box of the tm-d700a radio .

While owning a d7 and not having a mail box like the 700a i will show you
where to collect your mail where to sent your mail hi hi and the marriage
between these two radio,hams have any one done aprs remote control with
these radios  or sky command aprs have any one do this do you know that also
you can use the d7 to control the 700a do you know that the tm-d700a have
remote function in the radio as well menu see menu 1-A-1 YES THESE RADIO ARE


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