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Fwd: [aprssig] message leaving for th-d7

julien mervyn dedier julien9z4fz at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 19:35:53 UTC 2007

Hi Brian very nice question yes we do this on the aprs frequency
144.390mhz and no interference to aprs at all ,while in any packet
mode you can see
your normal aprs who around who beacon is coming .

aprs+sa it have a tnc terminal with the cmd very easy to do aprs and all the
packet stuff with this radio at the same time enjoying aprs unmolested Brian

We are doing aprs and packet on the same frequency it is a marriage of
convenience  which the two application are very happy Brian,this new to many
doing aprs and packet on the same frequency aprs is packet and packet is
packet they are family.

>From aprs+sa in the setting you can get you message to internet very easy
 Brian if the radio are put to work we have no problem connect mode just set
up the tnc to correct this what is the problem Bian the hams that are
running all these software with aprs and especially with kenwood radios once
in TNC PKT mode automatic this is a digi repeater anmd people are not
understanding this.

Lokk at the tnc commands it is there the bottle neck in the aprs system is
not the connect mode it is that we do not know how to set up our aprs
station wright ,one ham told me julien i am running ui-view with a tm-d700a
in kiss mode ,i ask him how it is working he say great ,i told him could
never be great ,in his area he have over 10 others doing the same thing 10
digi repeater in one area this is madness for aprs system,Brian they do not
know when in tnc pkt as said packet mode 700a ,they have to take off
digipeater in the tnc page 42 of 700a specialized manual show you this .

To many station running ui-view with bad setting creating kos in aprs noting
wrong with connect mode,this is one of the simplest for of emergency
communication if a disaster strike and one need for data communication to
flow, aprs and packet together  Brian the kenwood radios will be a waste of
time ,this is how i see it may be i am wrong but this system have never fail
me .

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From: Brian Webster <bwebster at wirelessmapping.com>
Date: Jan 24, 2007 3:00 PM
Subject: RE: [aprssig] message leaving for th-d7
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    Are you doing all of these applications on one frequency? If so is this
the standard APRS frequency you use on the island or do you gate the APRS
traffic over to your packet channel via something like JNOS? Just curious as
we here in the US discourage the use of connected mode packet on the APRS
channel. This is due to the network loading, not so much the technical
merits of what you are describing. What you are doing is great! Are you
working with a telnet connection to the Winlink2000 network on the island?
That seems like it would be a great addition to your project. IT would of
course require a gateway station that has a link to the internet. I like all
of your ideas and encourage your contributions to this list.

Thank You,
Brian N2KGC

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*From:* julien mervyn dedier [mailto:julien9z4fz at gmail.com]
*Sent:* Wednesday, January 24, 2007 1:47 PM
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*Subject:* [aprssig] message leaving for th-d7

 For the guys that are running the th-d7 the tnc is limited while you can do
tnc to tnc chat see th-d7 manual page 53 ,the guys with the tm-700a this is
how you fill the gap this is how you boom action into your mail this is how
you get events going by your mail box.

Tm-d700a owners for the d7 guy let them use your mail box you can writ a
mail in any tm-d700a mail box for any th-d7 owner all he have to do in
terminal mode C 9Z4FZ-1 when he see he get connected to the mail box he put
R to read the mail ,the mail box will tell him if it have any mails waiting
for him base on his call sign after reading the mail he can delete the mail
by KI and the mail number like example KI 2,that all when finsh D  and

700A OWNERS  how to write a mail in my own mail box for a d7 or 700a owner
just  put W 9Z4FZ-1 IF IS MAIL BOX OR W 9Z4FZ-7

when you do this either way W 9Z4FZ-R PRESS ENTER YOU THEN YOU SEE SUBJECT
ENTER THE SUBJECT PRESS ENTER THEN MESSAGE  start typing your message after
you have you have finish the message  PUT /EX PRESS ENTER THEN D DISCONNECT
try it you can also send a short text to 9z4fz-7 julien message in my mail
box for you ,julien will know he have to pick up mail at your mail box .

Also you all can work in a group session making it more meaning full as well
one can connect to a mail direct and drop off a mail as well when some put a
mail in your mail box on top of the console it will be blinking mail this
will be blinking until the mail have been read fellows start trying the
option in your radio beside aprs packet do packet do chat mode packet start
here then we move to the sky .

When you set up your mail box let you friends know all who have these radio
spread the word around help them to use the radios for what they we made for
these kenwood the future of amateur radio



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