Fwd: [aprssig] Connected packet still is viable and very much alive

julien mervyn dedier julien9z4fz at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 14:12:06 CST 2007

Connected packet is still alive here on 2m as well as hf ,this save live
when all else fail and noting works your prime minister want communication
between the community,it is this that work reports are sent via packet data

So aprs and connected packet have a big big role to play in amateur radio
development and at the same time providing public service in saving lives
this is the end product

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From: Burt <ve1ama at av.eastlink.ca>
Date: Jan 24, 2007 3:46 PM
Subject: [aprssig] Connected packet still is viable and very much alive
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        Good day to the SIG.
        Sounds like everyone things connected packet is gone.  Well
it may be in come places, but 14.105LSB and 10.145LSB are very much
alive as is the MARCAN system here in Atlantic Canada.  Matter of fact
I am hoping our Trinadian station comes back soon to 14.105.  Need some
practise with hf and vhf packet, call any of the stations with -1 (PBBS) or
-7 (all types of nodes) and have some fun.  "NETWORK 105" has been
in continuous operation since 1986 and still going and going strong.  North
America is very well representated, as far north as VE8JL-7:NT105 TNOS
        Hope this is not too far OT.  If it is, turf it in file 13 and
me please.
        All the best, lots of good info on the SIG.
        7 3,... Burt & Phyllis
             ve1ama & va1pr
        "NETWORK 105" ARES, Emergency standby network
         supporting travellers, linking, learning, helping and
         promoting packet radio on 14.105 since 1986

ps.     Thanks Julien, good to see development in probably
        one of the best networked modes we ever had...

At 02:39 PM 1/24/2007, you wrote:

>--- "Wes Johnston, AI4PX" <wes at kd4rdb.com> wrote:
> > Really and truely.... there was a day before aprs
> > when everyone used
> > connected mode packet.
>    Connected mode is still useful today.
> > Keep it coming Julien... it's a good effort!
> > Wes
>    I agree.
>de Charlie, N5EXY
>Don't pick lemons.
>See all the new 2007 cars at Yahoo! Autos.
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