[aprssig] APRS telemetry and the PIC 16F877A

Jason Winningham jdw at eng.uah.edu
Wed Jan 24 14:20:37 CST 2007

I found working with the PIC to be like hitting myself with a hammer  
- it feels good when you stop.  Architecture is RISC enough to make  
assembly programming painful for a project of any size, compilers all  
cost $$.

I'm playing with the Atmel AVRs, in particular the ATmega8 on the  
Arduino. http://www.arduino.cc/  It's got an IDE that's free, high  
level, and cross platform (including Mac OS X).  It's built on  
avrlib, so you can disregard their GUI and use it instead if that  
cranks your tractor.

The Arduino NG has 6 pins that can be analog inputs or digital IO,  
plus a bunch more digital IO (total of 20 I/Os).  It includes a built- 
in RS232 to USB adapter.

US$32 at www.sparkfun.com

Just a satisfied user, standard disclaimers apply.


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