[aprssig] Stuck KPC3+ serial port?

Alex Carver agcme2002 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 24 17:20:04 CST 2007

Has anyone ever had one of their KPC3+ TNC's get stuck
as far as communicating with it via the serial port? 
It's set up as a digipeater right now and is working
just fine but I can't seem to connect to it.  This
problem only recently cropped up but I didn't do
anything special to the TNC (as far as I know).  It is
unresponsive to both Hyperterm and Minicom.  The cable
does work as I unplugged it from a working KAM98.

I've restarted the KPC3+ several times though I
haven't used the factory reset pins (I was hoping to
avoid that so I wouldn't have to reprogram the whole thing).

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