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Thanks Amir well said you fully understand me and this is great ,that others
will follow on thanks

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The way I understood it, Julien really meant TNC bug, as in an unintentional
glitch  in the software that makes the TNC malfunction and  not a virus,  as
in malicious malware introduced intentionally in order to cause harm and/or
reproduce itself from unit to unit.

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Dave Baxter wrote:

"Packet Virus" ????

Please explain, have I missed something?  Is something nasty propagating
from TNC to TNC on Kenwoods then?

Dave G0WBX.


From: julien mervyn dedier
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Subject: [aprssig] HOW A CLEAN TNC LOOK

When you have a clean free tnc from packet virus you see no question
mark or bird marking in the tnc data ,tnc data show you clean raw data
of the station as what is shown below,i have seen hams in the island and
else where,hams selling their radios because the tnc not functioning.
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