[aprssig] Local Repeater Displays on Mobiles

Richard N. Piper IV richard.piper at media4god.org
Thu Jan 25 22:52:47 CST 2007

   > The FREQ-ID method I propose, displays the frequency on the
> front panel station LIST all the time. If the driver has pressed
> his LIST button once, from then on, for the rest of the trip,
> the 5 most recent objects/stations will always be on his front
> panel LIST.  If one of them is a voice repeater frequency, then
> that user can see it at any time hand's free.  Without being
> interrupted by the flash and without having to push any buttons
> to read it.
Bob's FREQ-ID works better then having the callsign because I don't  
know a repeater by it's call sign and for the most part in my area  
could not tell you the callsign's of the other repeaters I use. (Side  
Note - most of use don't program our radios with K0QOD, W0QMF, Ect. we  
program this wigh the freq to display)

   > But I know how they -are-supposed-to-work-.  I know that the
> APRS spec specifically states that the originating callsign of
> an OBJECT should be retained along with the object itself so
> that ownership of an object is unambiguous.  This is required
> for data integrity of the APRS system.  If clients have not
> properly implemented OBJECTS according to the spec, then they
> need to be fixed.
The origination callsing needs to be retained so we know who is making  
the transmission. (Ok I am not with the FCC but remember we are to ID  
our stations transmissions)

> That's too bad.  Here we have an opportunity to provide for
> object permanence in APRS, and I think we should consider it.
Bob, if they are not doing to change APRSIS then does this meen that  
when we come up with new ideas that will not work with APRSIS they  
will not work with "FindU?"

> 2) I took your input about the RNGxxxx as the better way to
> display repeater range on these objects and added it to the
> recommendation.  That is, until it was tested and found not to
> work on the D7 and D700.
What Local Repeater Display as I take it is for people who are Moble  
and most that are Moble use a D7 or D700. Yes, some use a laptop but I  
think what Bob was getting at when he came up with this was trying to  
give a D7 and D700 user a way to see a Repeater "Quickly"

   > That is too bad.  It is really a great concept and makes the
> APRS mobile travler enjoy his trip by seeing the operating
> frequency of the locally recommended repeater show up on this
> radio front panel hands-free.  And this only shows up when he is
> in range.  Thus it is useful, pertinent, timely, real-time
> information, which is exactly what APRS is all about.  I think
> it is a great feature for APRS mobiles.  And is trivial to
> implement by any local sysop in his digipeater.
If this is used "correctly" then in some areas the APRS mobile would  
not need to look something up in a Repeater "Look Up Book" thus  
keeping his eyes on the road and the trip

Ok question about how this would be set up using the UI-View Digi?
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