[aprssig] 220KISS

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Fri Jan 26 05:35:44 CST 2007

Thanks to Ian ZL1VFO.  Also G8BPQ who stuck his head over the parapet,
but I seem to have mistakenly deleted his mail, so yes please BPQ, in
case I have a corrupted download from somewhere else  Do you still have
the sources, if so, is it permitted to pass them on?


Yes, according to a text file I found on the web somewhere, G8BPQ used
JKISS as the basis for 220KISS.  I think he said that what I had, was
potentially the latest version, but as above, I seem to have removed his
mail by accident.

And yes, the 220 I built (board serial number 0011 I see) at first was
very unreliable, locking up and doing all sorts of odd things.  However,
as the then importer of the kits was a personal friend, and he seemed to
have a good raport with Pac-Com, we were trying out different firmware
versions, and modifications.  Not least, to prevent the backup battery
emptying premeturely, due to a design "Feature" built in by Pac-Com.

It eventualy became a wholy reliable workhorse, spending many years on
24/7 before I even had a dialup internet account, shoveling "email"
(such as it was) in and out in an automated way in conjunction with my
local packet BBS.

It recently (a year or so ago) found a new life as a portal to the
wwwconv system, again working well 24/7.  Then I got ADSL installed, and
that is just far easier to use for that sort of thing, and leaves the
airwaves less conjested.

As a result of to say the least "variable" experience trying to use and
run APRS localy, what with all the conflicting path paradigms etc (don't
go there) and local digi's etc that are there one week, then vanish for
ever, I've decided to try and fill a hole in the digi coverage, and
perhaps provide a path out of this active area, to the next active

As I have three of these (one though I now find is very dead) I thought
at first I'll try to use them, hence scratching arround trying to get
KISS mode working.  The hardware I trust, Ui-View I sort of trust and
know my way arround.

I also now have one or two single chip (PIC) designs with code for KISS
only TNC's but was trying the "quick" route to posible success, with at
the moment, a distinct lack of...

So perhaps time permitting (not a lot of that spare these days) I'll try
one of them.  As well as a couple more attempts at KISSing a 220, just
in case..


Dave 'wbx

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> From: Ray Wells [mailto:vk2tv at exemail.com.au] 
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> Hi Dave
> The binary used to ship with BPQ408. It's along time since I 
> used BPQ but I vaguely recall a couple of versions of KISS 
> for the TNC220 (was JKISS the other version?). What I do 
> recall is that my TNC220 NEVER gave reliable results, 
> regardless of the EPROM installed, and it's been gathering 
> dust for near 15 years.
> The version of the binary I have is the same as yours.
> Ray vk2tv
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