[aprssig] Digi's Still Using Relay When Should Be Using Bob's NewFormat

Richard Montgomery kb4ytm at gmail.com
Fri Jan 26 10:36:05 CST 2007

Hello Rick,

The Boeing Club digi may be setup to respond to the new paradigm 
settings, but it has issues with its beacons.

It is always on the findu.com error page here (W0MA):

It looks like the BTEXT is performing the location information for the 
digi itself. And the LT 1 - 4 texts are incorrect, causing it to show up 
on findu.com's error pages.

I emailed the club email address a couple of times about this but I 
never heard any reply.

There is also a St Louis Area APRS Yahoo Group:

Hope this helps,

W0MA>BEACON,qAS,K0STL:!3845.82NS09022.15W#PHG5330/BEARS digi
W0MA>BEACON,qAS,K0STL:!3845.82NS09022.15W#PHG5330/BEARS digi
W0MA>BEACON,qAS,K0STL:!3845.82NS09022.15W#PHG5330/BEARS digi
W0MA>BEACON,qAO,N0PTN-1:!3845.82NS09022.15W#PHG5330/BEARS digi
W0MA>BEACON,qAS,K0STL:!3845.82NS09022.15W#PHG5330/BEARS digi

20070126104233	W0MA>APN391,qAo,N0TZA:!3845.82NN09022.15W
20070126105233	W0MA>APN391,WIDE2-2,qAS,K0STL:!3845.82NN09022.15W
20070126110233	W0MA>APN391,qAS,K0STL:!3845.82NN09022.15W
20070126111232	W0MA>APN391,qAS,K0STL:!3845.82NN09022.15W
20070126112234	W0MA>APN391,W9AIU-8*,qAo,N0TZA:!3845.82NN09022.15W
20070126114232	W0MA>APN391,qAo,N9PPJ:!3845.82NN09022.15W
20070126115232	W0MA>APN391,WIDE2-2,qAS,K0STL:!3845.82NN09022.15W
20070126120233	W0MA>APN391,qAS,K0STL:!3845.82NN09022.15W
20070126121232	W0MA>APN391,qAS,K0STL:!3845.82NN09022.15W
20070126122232	W0MA>APN391,WIDE2-1,qAS,K0STL:!3845.82NN09022.15W
20070126125232	W0MA>APN391,WIDE2-2,qAS,K0STL:!3845.82NN09022.15W
20070126130232	W0MA>APN391,qAS,K0STL:!3845.82NN09022.15W
20070126131232	W0MA>APN391,qAo,N9PPJ:!3845.82NN09022.15W
20070126132233	W0MA>APN391,W9AIU-8*,qAo,N9PPJ:!3845.82NN09022.15W

R. Crockett wrote:
> Richard,
> The St. Louis area is refusing to come up to the current standards and 
> insists on using the old "Relay,Wide" format. The Boeing Club's Digi 
> (WØMA) is now the only one that is up to the new paradigm. I just took 
> mine off the air to move it to a better site.
> 73 de WØPC (Rick)
>     ----- Original Message -----

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