[SPAM] RE: [aprssig] UIview Digiepater add-on

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jan 26 15:47:13 CST 2007

> I would think it should be more of a no hop path... i.e. 
> direct only. if the idea is to let local mobile APRS 
> users know about local voice repeaters, the
> range of the object shouldn't really be reaching out to 
> through digipeaters.

I'm beginning to realize, based on one of the other posts, that
there are many non-KPC3+ digipeaters on mountains with nearby
voice repeaters that may need to have a local such object.  So
in this case, then the Uiview down in the "hole" would need to
have a ONE-HOP only path via that mountain top digi to advertise
that colocated voice repeater.  In all cases, this path would be
1 hop specific to that one digi.  I don't see any need for a
generic path to hit more than one digi.

The down side, as I pointed out from the beginning, is that
originating the packet down in a hole with a 1 hop path is much
less than optimum, because the object is now just another
digipeated packet that contributes to collisions to other local
users at a 1 packet every 10 minute rate.  That is pretty high

Whereas, the original concept is to originate these packets at
the all-hearing-digi so that it will only transmit one of these
local-no-hop packets when the channel is clear.  Thus, zero
impact to local loading and no impact on local traffic.

Good inputs, Keith,
Bob, Wb4APR

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